Forget Willy Wonka, Germany has Ritter Sport!

We are all familiar with Roald Dahl’s loveable character Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. Wonka is a creative and eccentric man that created chocolate delights, such as Whipple-Scumptious Fudge Mallow Delight and even a waterfall made out of chocolate. Whilst Willy Wonka is a work of fiction, German chocolate producer Ritter Sport is real!

Ritter Sport - TruckRitter Sport – Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. (Square. Practical. Good.)

Ritter Sport is a brand of chocolate which produces 100g square chocolate bars, which are divided into 16 smaller squares (although 16.5g mini bars and large 250g bars are now also available). In 1912 Alfred Ritter and his newly wedded wife Clara founded a chocolate factory. Initially the chocolate factory produced regular rectangular bars, however, in 1932 Clara suggested that square chocolate bars would fit perfectly into every sport jacket without breaking (hence the name Ritter Sport). The standard range of Ritter Sport chocolate is made up of 32 varieties including milk chocolate filled with different nuts, marzipan, yoghurt fillings and many more, however, the limited edition varieties are the most interesting!

Ritter Sport - ChocolatesThe company releases limited editions two or three times a year, often with seasonal themes: the spring and summer editions are often fruity and light, such as coconut and wild berries, whereas the winter editions usually feature heavier fillings, such as nougat. Some of our favourite limited editions included cookies and cream, caramel orange and white coconut!

Ritter Sport - Limited EditionWhilst the company ‘only’ has around 34 or 35 flavours available for purchase, you are able to make your very own Ritter Sport in Berlin! If you walk around the corner from the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin you will find yourself standing in front of the Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt (colourful chocolate world). Inside the Schokowelt you can explore, taste and create your very own Ritter Sport chocolate bar. You can choose from white, milk or dark chocolate and then add in one or more of the 25 ingredients (plus 3 seasonal ingredients) – let your imagination run wild! After you pick your ingredients you can stand by and watch as the staff turn your idea into reality. The whole process takes approximately 40 minutes (including refrigeration), so we suggest doing this first and then going upstairs to follow the ChocoPath which will take you on the journey of chocolate production from the cocoa bean to the finished product, purchase beautiful and delicious treats in the ChocoShop and finally, enjoy some hot chocolate in the ChocoLateria.

Ritter Sport - SchokoweltRitter Sport can be found in some specialty stores in Australia, so if you see them, give them a try!

 “True strength is when you can break a bar of chocolate into four pieces with your bare hands – then just eat one.”

– Unknown

 Ritter Sport - Chocolates2

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