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Zeese are a few of my favourite zings.

Are YOU a budding musician/composer?

Even if you’re not, try your hand at our new ‘Love the Lyrics’ Song Competition  – it’s your chance to win fame and acclaim, and it’s easy.

The trick is … you have to work out which popular song the blog title refers to; then change the lyrics, describing Oktoberfest for Teens or Munich’s Oktoberfest, and enter your lyric-masterpiece.

Read the instructions Song Competition – Love the Lyrics   .. and get composing now!

It’s open to Primary & Secondary students and teachers .. yes, TEACHERS have their own special category so which Queensland school teacher will become the ‘King/Queen of Lyrics’ in 2013?

Start now! We can’t wait to see how creative Queensland’s school students and teachers are!

… even Paula, my co-organiser of Oktoberfest for Teens, couldn’t resist making up her own lyrics, but I’m not letting her enter. Mean, aren’t I?

Schönes Wochenende … und bis bald, mit toller Neuigkeiten!

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Who loves the Fliegerlied?

Why does the Fliegerlied have so many Oktoberfest for Teens fans … and have you ever tried your hand at bell-ringing?

We’ve put together a small taste of just SOME of the fun activities awaiting you and your class at Oktoberfest for Teens into a short photo/video highlights clip.  Click here.

Don’t be shy – PLEASE SHARE IT – with your class, parents, principal … and simply anyone who loves and enjoys German culture and how school students embrace this experience.





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10 days until exciting Quizzes, Competitions & more …

We’ve been busy behind the scenes bubbling over with ideas and creating some great new activities for this year’s Oktoberfest for Teens… and it’s only 10 days until all the pre-event quizes and competitions start!

Surprise competition:  We’ve got a fabulously fun competition planned for this year!


1. Read the slogan in the Oktoberfest Brisbane poster at the bottom.

2. Think of the song it’s from … Think how the words could be adapted to Oktoberfest for Teens.

Poster competition:  Theme this year is … drum roll … LUDWIG LEICHHARDT.

It’s 200 years since he was born and there are LOTS of things happening in Queensland to celebrate this. We’re getting into the spirit too and he is 2013 poster theme.

Don’t start yet! We have TWO Leichhardt-focussed topics to chose from – but they will be revealed in 10 days! Until then, start your research and wait to find out what you have to do.

Quizzes: Our famous annual Quiz Competition will include all the usual ‘favourites’ – questions about Oktoberfest and Bavaria, questions about the Goethe Institut theme of the year – in 2013 it’s Jugend  – as well as some questions about Ludwig Leichhardt.

Fun, Food and Games … we have a load of favourites plus new items planned for this year …

Oktoberfest Brisbane 2013

Oktoberfest Brisbane 2013 – Australia’s largest Oktoberfest

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