Life as a teenager can be expensive – you want to have the newest phone, great clothes for free dress day, go to the movies with you friends, and you might even be saving up for your first car! This is why, similar to Australian teenagers, many Germans start their first jobs when they are 14 years old. Whilst the pay may not be great, there’s a German proverb that says “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist!” – although the literal translation (below) may be a little confusing, it means that every little bit helps! Remember, if you look after your pennies (cents), the pounds (dollars) will look after themselves!

Kleinvieh macht auch Mist

So what are the four most popular jobs amongst students in Germany? In no particular order, they are…


1. Online-Umfragen beantworten

Teenagers, 13 years or older, can answer online surveys and receive a monetary reward. They may receive money or vouchers to some of their favourite stores in return for their efforts. Whilst answering surveys doesn’t provide a huge income, it’s an easy way for students to boost their pocket money.




2. Babysitten/ Kinderbetreuung

Babysitting is a very popular job for teenagers in Germany. For many it is the first time that they realise that real babies are very different to dolls – you can’t play dress-ups with them all day and they don’t lie still! This job not only provides teenagers with an income, but it helps teach them about responsibility.





3. Nachhilfe, Hausaufgabenbetreuung

Why should parents pay for expensive tutors for their children, when other students are happy to tutor them for much less money? Many students tutor younger students on a weekly basis in subjects which they excel in. It’s a win-win situation!




4. Botendienst, Gartenarbeit, Einkaufshilfe

Many students aged 14 years or above, earn a substantial amount by running errands for or helping out the elderly. Whether it’s picking up bread rolls from the bakery on Sunday morning, going to the grocery store to buy milk, weeding the garden, or cleaning the house, students are often an inexpensive option, whilst still earning more than they would at a job at the supermarket.


This article was based on:

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    Hi. Do we have the registration forms yet? I have 50 students attending from Fairholme College.
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  2. loulou38


    Nice post! Just to point out the missing ‘f’ in Nachhilfe.

    You’ve probably had it pointed out already, though.



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