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Let’s talk about Leichhardt!

Last year our event had a large focus on Ludwig Leichhardt – one of the world’s most famous explorers and naturalists. In Australia he is well-known for his exploration of northern and central Australia.


Whilst our focus this year is on festivals, there will be a range of word lists and quizzes available on Education Perfect that are focused on Ludwig Leichhardt – these will be available to all participating schools. Your school doesn’t have access to Education Perfect? No problem! There will be a free trial version available! If you are interested in this or registration for the Oktoberfest for Teens 2014, contact Paula at


For a refresher course on Leichhardt check out an initiative of the German Consulate in Brisbane!

Don’t forget that the first infosheets and quizzes are out next week! We hope you’re as excited as we are! 😀

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This year’s theme is…….


Germans are known for their hard work, their punctuality and precision, but one thing they love even more is to get together with their friends, family and even the whole community and celebrate anything and everything! From a small village festival at your uncle’s farm to the world’s largest festival, the Munich Oktoberfest, Germany has it all!

German celebrations are about almost anything – the seasons…

…the holy saints…

…the local produce…

…legends & famous people…

…events in history…


…minerals, animals, vegetables… you name it, Germans will have a festival about it!

This year’s infosheets, quizzes and blogs will take you through the seasons and all the festivities that Germany has to offer! 🙂

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Die Perfekte Brezel

Germany is famous for many things… high quality cars, solar energy, the black forest cherry cake, pork knuckle and of course Brezeln (pretzels)!


The best thing about Brezeln is that they are delicious with (almost) anything! Whether they’re warm with butter on them, with a Weisswurst or covered in cheese – they’re delicious!

Here is a short video of the “Brezel-Meister” from King of Cakes, Wolfgang Kelke, showing you how to make the perfect Brezel!

Now that you’ve seen how to make the perfect pretzel, why not give it a go yourself?
A fun way to practice is using play-dough or, if you’re up for the challenge, you can try making your own Brezel-dough from one of the countless recipes on the internet!

Viel Spass 🙂

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