Cliché 9 – Jokes about Germany are the Wurst

When most people think of German food, they tend to think about sauerkraut, potatoes and sausages. They think of tables at the Oktoberfest filled with heavenly foods which may be delicious, but not fabulous for the waistline!


Bavarian white sausages


These three ingredients are definitely a favourite in some regions of Germany, but food throughout Germany is much more versatile than this stereotype would have you believe. In fact, nowadays it can be hard to determine exactly what “German food” is.

In the south, such as Bavaria, the cuisine is quite heavily influenced by Austria, so you will find a lot of dishes with potatoes and schnitzel here. However, the north, such as Hamburg, is heavily influenced by the sea and by the Scandinavian cuisine – here you’ll find everything from herring and grilled fish to meatballs and pork! So whilst the different regions throughout Germany have very distinct cuisines, it is almost impossible to define the overall “German cuisine.”

In addition to the regional influences, it is difficult to imagine Germany without a Döner Imbiss on every other corner, or takeaway pizza available 24/7. Like in so many other European countries, having many different cuisines available is becoming the norm, so you can have your Weisswurst and Brezel for breakfast, a Döner for lunch, and sushi for dinner!




Overall, we’d say that the myth that Germans only eat potatoes, sausages and sauerkraut is most definitely



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