Tag der Deutschen Einheit!

October the 3rd 1990 – Germany is finally unified.

Deutsche VereinigungPrior to 1871, the area that we know today as Germany was split into many different kingdoms and principalities. In 1871 one Empire was founded, but no official unification day was celebrated. By 1919 Germany had finally agreed upon a national holiday celebrated on the 11th of August, however, just a few years later Germany was split up into East and West Germany when the Nazis took power.

Germany, and many countries of the world, suffered through years of war. The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 which completely cut off East to West Berlin. On the 9th of November 1989 the first parts of the wall were finally torn down and over the next days and weeks people came to the wall with sledgehammers and created many unofficial border crossings.

Tag der Deutschen EinheitToday, the Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German Unity Day) is a public holiday in Germany which commemorates the unification of Germany. Throughout the country people celebrate with their friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else who wants to join! It’s a day where all Germans can stand together proudly as one and celebrate their country!

Wir wünschen euch einen schönen Tag! 🙂

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    Check out the Oktoberfest for Teens website and this article on the Day of German Unity.

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