Germans say what? (Part 3)

We hope you enjoyed our first two posts on interesting literal translations of German words, so here is the third and final part!

Instead of calling it a vacuum cleaner, Germans call it a Staubsauger which literally means “dust sucker.”

StaubsaugerWhen you’re in a long queue, you’re in a Warteschlange, or a “waiting snake.”
WarteschlangeA squid is known as a Tintenfisch, or an “ink fish”…

Tintenfisch…and finally, if Owl City’s hit “Fireflies” had been written in German, it would have been called Glühwürmchen or “little glow worms.” (You can listen to YouTube star Alexi Bexi’s German version of “Fireflies” or “Glühwürmchen” here


Bis Bald! 🙂

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