Week 5 – Das Deutsche Sportabzeichen

Earlier this week you learned all about the Silberne Lorbeerblatt… but what about regular? … That’s where the Deutsche Sportabzeichen (German Sports Badge) comes in.

The Deutsche Sportabzeichen is awarded by the Deutscher Olympischer Sportsbund (German Olympic Sports Federation). It is the highest sporting award outside of competitive sports in Germny and is awarded to individuals who demonstrate above-average and versatile physical abilities. To gain the award an individual must demonstrate skill in the basic areas of endurance, strength, speed and coordination, and prove that they are able to swim (although most of us learned how to swim from a very young age in Australia, this is not the norm in Germany, thus, this is a ‘special skill’ which must be demonstrated to receive the badge).



There are two types of Sportabzeichen:

  • The Deutsche Sportabzeichen for Jugendliche (children and teenagers): boys and girls may be awarded with this badge from the calendar year of their 6th birthday onwards
  • The Deutsche Sportabzeichen for Erwachsene (adults): adults may be awarded with this badge from the calendar year of their 18th birthday onwards


People with disabilities are also able to gain this badge, however, the requirements differ (although the four skill categories remain the same). There are eleven categories of disabilities and the requirements for the badge are tailored to each category and, if needed, to the individual.

There are three badges which individuals can receive: bronze, silver and gold. An individual can apply to receive a badge in the category of their choosing (depending on their level of physical ability) once per calendar year, therefore, there are also special anniversary badges for individuals who have received the same badge for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years… 60 years!



In each of the 4 skill categories individuals have the choice of several options, for example:

  • Ausdauer (endurance): run 3km OR walk 7.5km OR cycle 20km
  • Schnelligkeit (speed): 50m or 100m sprint OR 25m swim OR 200m cycle
  • Koordination (coordination): high jump OR long jump OR gymnastics OR skipping
  • Kraft (strength): shot put OR standing long jump OR gymnastics



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