Geschäftsetikette (Teil 1)

We’re already in our final week of Infosheets – you all know what that means – Oktoberfest for Teens 2016 is just over 1 week away!!

Our final topic for this year’s Infosheets is Geschäftsetikette (business etiquette) in Germany. As mentioned in the Infosheet, Germany and Australia are culturally quite similar (for more information check out and compare the two countries). The Infosheet covers a range of topics from greetings to gift giving – below are two short infographics which summarise a lot of these points!



Did you know that you can even get lessons on business etiquette from Germany’s very own Maria Prinzessin von Sachsen-Altenburg (princess of Saxe-Altenburg)? With her classy and confident appearance, the princess is well-known in the business world for giving presentations on business etiquette by showing the audience that there is more to etiquette than a list of rules! Find out more at or watch her videos below.


Images adapted from:

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