Vielleicht ist E nicht MC^2, sondern Manuel Neuer

Week 4 has arrived, and so has our all-time favourite topic!

This week is all about finding your dream job. What does every boy and girl dream of becoming? A Fussballprofi (professional football/ soccer player) of course! Well, maybe not EVERY boy and girl… but many of them certainly do.

Many boys and girls in Germany spend their free time running around the park chasing a football, sometimes using trees or sticks as goalposts, and hoping that one day they might get the chance to represent their country at the world cup. They aspire to be like two-time German Fussballerin (female footballer) of the year Alexandra Popp or the number one goalkeeper in the world, and recently appointed captain of die Mannschaft (German national football team) following Bastian Schweinsteiger’s retirement from the team – Manuel Neuer.

Did you know that Manuel Neuer is so popular that there’s even been a song written about him?!


It is no surprise that Fussball is the most popular sport in Germany. Germany won its first world championship in the summer of 1954, – also described as a Sommermärchen (summer fairy-tale). Since then, die Mannschaft has won an additional three World Cup titles, with their most recent win at the 2014 FIFA World Cup – you can re-live the moment here.


Did you know that the German women’s national team is one of the most successful in the world? Although their first world cup appearance was only in 1991, they have already taken out two championship titles (in 2003 and 2007), and, out of ten appearances at the European Championships they finished as champions EIGHT times?


For any young aspiring footballers here in Australia – never fear! There are plenty of opportunities to become a professional football player right here. The Hyundai A-League doesn’t just provide opportunities within Australia, but gives players the opportunity to play internationally at competitions, such as the OFC Champions League (premier men’s football competition in Oceania). The A-League has even attracted German football stars, such as Brisbane Roar’s Thomas Broich (below), and there have been rumours that Miroslav Klose (top goal scorer in the history of the FIFA World Cup, retired player from die Mannschaft) is considering joining the A-League at some point in the future – we certainly hope so!


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