Berufe der Zukunft

With the rapid increase in technology it can sometimes be hard to imagine which jobs may be in high demand by 2030. But the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan was keen to find out – here are some of the jobs which they came up with:

Teleo-surgeons – surgeons who may operate from or in remote locations using robotic tools instead of human hands.

Nostalgist – remember your childhood home? Or your first apartment? Well, in the future a nostalgist – a specialised interior designer – may be able to recreate these memories for the elderly. Those not wishing to live in a typical retirement village may live in a space decorated by a nostalgist inspired by their favourite decade or place.

Re-wilder – rather than traditional farmers who grow food crops, re-wilders will undo the environmental damage caused by people, manufacturing plans, vehicles, etc.

Garbage designer – these individuals will focus on creating high-quality materials or new products from the by-products of manufacturing processes.

Robot counselor – with bots predicted to be a part of many households by 2030, a robot counselor will help choose the right bot for a family by spending time observing family interactions and their lifestyle.


This article was based on:

Smith, J. (2014, May 6). 9 Futuristic Jobs We Could See By 2030. Retrieved from

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