Greetings Throughout Germany

Once you’ve arrived in Germany, you’ll find that Germans have many different ways of greeting each other.

Blog5The formal versions include:

Guten Morgen (Good Morning)

Guten Tag (Good Day)

Guten Abend (Good Evening)

Gute Nacht (Good Night)

The casual versions include:

Hallo (Hello)



Sounds simple enough… however, then you have to factor in regional differences!

Three of the most popular greetings include Servus, Grüβ Gott and Moin!

Servus is often used in the southern parts of Germany. The word itself is the Latin word for ‘servant’ and it originated as a shortened version of the phrase ‘at your service.’

Grüβ Gott (other versions include ‘Grüβ Sie’ or ‘Grüezi’) literally means ‘God greets you.’ It is an old fashioned greeting and whilst younger people rarely use the phrase, it is often used by older generations.

Moin is a greeting for the northern part of Germany and is the shortened version of the word ‘Morgen’ which is a shortened version of the phrase ‘Guten Morgen’ (similar to saying ‘morning’ in English instead of ‘Good Morning’).

Have you come across any other greetings?:)

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