Bibi Blocksberg

In the first infosheet we introduced ‘Walpurgis Nacht’ – the night of the 30th of April when all the witches head to the Brocken (the highest peak of the Harz Mountains). Now the Brocken was traditionally referred to as the Blocksberg and one of Germany’s favourite Children’s characters is Bibi Blocksberg.

As you may have guessed, Bibi Blocksberg is a teenage witch! She lives in Neustadt with her parents Bernhard and Barbara Blocksberg. Bibi loves to play practical jokes (particularly on the mayor of Neustadt), but has a heart of gold. She has saved children from burning buildings, helps her friends in need and will always fight for justice.

Bibi Blocksberg

She is generally seen with her blonde hair in a red ribbon, wearing a green (her favourite colour) dress and white socks. More often than not, she’ll be flying through the air on her broomstick – Kartoffelbrei (mashed potato).


Above you can see Bibi with all of her friends and family. On the left are her witch friends – Xenia, Schubia, Arkadia and Flauipaui. In the middle you’ll see Bibi with her parents Barbara and Bernhard, as well as her grandma – Oma Grete. Karla Kolumna is sitting in the front wearing her glasses – she’s the town’s reporter and can always be found looking for the next big story! In the back the mayor of the city is standing with his secretary, Pichler and on the right hand side you’ll see Bibi’s non-magical friends Marita, Monika and Florian.

You’ll find many of her stories on Youtube. Here is the first one:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Further information, games and much more can be found at

Viel Spass! 🙂

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