Finale – wir kommen!!!

At 6am this morning German football fans around the world were proudly wearing their black-red-yellow outfits and watched the game against Brazil begin. 11 minutes into the game Thomas Müller scored the first goal of the quarter final, but what followed was nothing short of legendary.

Germany scored 4 goals within 7 minutes and with his goal in the 23rd minute, Miroslav Klose secured his place as the highest World Cup scorer of all times! At 36 years of age this is his 4th World Cup playing for Germany and we could not be more proud of him!


But the game wasn’t over yet….

Germany entered half-time with a 5-0 advantage and scored an additional 2 goals in the 69th and 79th minutes. Just before the end of the game (and probably because they were already celebrating!) Brazil managed to score a goal in the 90th minute, giving a final score of 7-1.

Not only has Germany secured their place in the World Cup finals, but have now scored 221 World Cup goals, moving ahead of Brazil to become the tournament’s highest ever scorers! If that wasn’t enough, no other team has ever scored 7 goals in the semi-finals of the World Cup!

Here are your Oktoberfest for Teens organisers celebrating after the 7-1 victory!


The game between the Netherlands and Argentina tomorrow morning at 6am will decide which of these two teams will battle against Germany in the finals on Monday at 5am!

Bis Bald and Deutschlaaaaaaaaand 🙂


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