World Cup Update!

Have you all been following the World Cup as avidly as we have?

At 2:00am this morning Germany played its final game in the group stage against the USA. We were all up watching from our couches under multiple blankets and with plenty of tea to keep us warm – and what a game it was!

If you haven’t been following the World Cup, here is what you’ve missed:

Germany has played three games against Portugal, Ghana and the USA. They won 4-0 against Portugal, drew 2-2 against Ghana and won 1-0 against the USA this morning. Thomas Müller has scored 4 goals so far (3 against Portugal and 1 against the USA), Mats Hummels has scored 1 goal (against Portugal), Mario Götze has scored 1 goal (against Ghana) and Miroslav Klose has scored 1 goal (against Ghana).

Something you may not know about Klose (aside from the fact that he is one of our all-time favourite players!) is that he, since his goal against Ghana, is the World Cup’s joint all-time top scorer. One more goal and Klose will be the World Cup’s all-time top scorer! Klose – wir drücken dir die Daumen (we’re crossing our fingers for you)!


So Germany has won two games and drew one, but what does this all mean? Well, after the group stage, 16 teams are sent back home (sadly, Australia is one of those 16), whilst the other 16 battle it out to win first place!

To watch Germany play against Algeria in the next round of the World Cup tune in to SBS at 6:00am on Tuesday the 1st of July!

For information on all of the teams, games, pictures and much more head to the FIFA World Cup website (

Bis bald und schöne Ferien!

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