The 2017 theme has been announced!


We are thrilled to announce that the Goethe Institut’s theme for 2017 is … drum roll please … ‘Menschen in Deutschland’ (People in Germany).

Our Infosheets and quizzes will take you on a journey through the wonderful worlds of German literature, science and technology, music and fashion, cinema and TV, sport and give you an insight into Germans today. In addition, the blogs in the weeks leading up to our Infosheets will inform you all about German clichés – the true, the untrue and the somewhat true. Our weekly Arbeitsblätter will also be returning this year due to the large amount of positive feedback which we received last year!

Get your students and classmates busy with our weekly Oktoberfest for Teens quizzes for the six weeks leading up to the festival, with great prizes to be won on the day.

2017 Quiz 1

2017 Quiz 2

2017 Quiz 3

2017 Quiz 4

2017 Quiz 5

2017 Quiz 6


2 thoughts on “Quizzes

  1. Catherine Gosling

    This is such a fantastic project. Congratulations all round! Or rather – ein Prosit!

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